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I’m excited to announce the name of Second Adam & the New Creation’s 2nd Album, it’s called “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Production of the album is near complete and I want to give a huge shoutout to Clint Campbell from Surrender Studios. His production abilities are everything I hoped for and Clint has been a pleasure to work with. There will be 8 songs in total and I’ve opted to release them as singles, roughly once per month, starting with the first release on 9.2.22

The album artwork was created by a local artist I met through my children’s school. Her name is Jenny Sweeney and I’m very satisfied with her work. You see some of her art here. God willing I will be going back for more in the future. Mike Kalajian from Rouge Planet Mastering did the mastering work on the songs. Mike is at the top of his game in this market; he sets a high standard and I appreciate his works on my songs.

I look forward to sharing this new project with you all. It’s been a long time and coming. I hope you enjoy it.



2021 was a refining fire for me. A lot took place that I would have never asked for but through it God has strengthened me and has drawn me near. I’m glad to report that we’re in contract for our 2nd album; this one will be a full length one! We’re projecting to release the full album this summer!


I have plenty of new song ideas for the next project. God-willing, I hope to have a new EP released by the end of 2021. I also pray for some New Creations to come my way for the process of completing the EP as well as potentially playing live shows around our area.



Family, Church, Career, & Seminary have taken the front burners in my life but by God’s grace I still am working toward producing quality music that encourages the saints. It’s hard to believe that “Able to Enable” was released in the Spring of 2015! New music is in the works for which I’ll be working to release sometime in 2018.

I recently decided that I would use the money I was saving for my next professional studio project on my own personal studio equipment so that I can record & produce at my own pace. I really shouldn’t be intimidated by using audio gear as I’m a graduate from FULL-Sail with a recording degree from them…but that was in 2001 and my engineering chops are a bit rusty…but I’m working at it.

Here’s to late nights when the family is sleeping! Hope to be sharing new tunes with you soon!



A year has passed since the release of my debut EP “Able to Enable” and I’ve been saving money for the next project since. I’ve certainly made a few friends online who’ve enjoyed my first project and who look forward to the next one. All I can say at this point is that the creative juices are beginning to flow again…and the savings is begining to stack up which will eventually enable me to head back to the studio. My hope is that this time next year I’ll be starting or near finished with the 2nd album. Who knows, perhaps if God wills it, I’ll be going with other ‘New Creations’ to the studio next round.

A lot has changed over this past year for me and my family. I’ve since changed churches and am heading into Seminary in the fall to pursue an Mdiv. in Biblical studies & theology. Musically I’ve written some new tunes and have been further developing older ones I’ve yet to record. Keep me in your prayers and follow me on social media where I sometimes post raw recordings of my songs and share theological insights into the scriptures.

Grace & Peace



The EP is completed and goes live online on 3/30/15. “Able to Enable” is the title of Second Adam & the New Creation’s debut album. It consists of only 4 songs but it packs a punch. The first 3 songs of the album revel in the sovereignty of God over salvation, His work of saving sinners, and His call for all to repent, trust and enjoy Christ. The last song of the album is a worship song that focuses the listener in on the holiness of God. I’m currently the sole member of Second Adam & the New Creations but continue to write music for this project. I’m already targeting the completion of another recording project within the next 2 years. My goal is that believers will be encouraged by the music I’m making. I also hope that they simply enjoy it too! I continue to pray that God would send like minded brethren to bring these songs to life in venues near my hometown, Poughkeepsie, NY. In all honesty, my life schedule only allows for small acoustic performances here and there right now. I’m a full time husband, father, churchman, project manager in construction, student at Lee University online, and a part time musician. God willing, the formation of committed band members to play and create songs as Second Adam & the New Creations would be awesome…but such work is not my ultimate target. Right now, my hope and prayer is just for my songs to make it to people’s ears. My songs contain the gospel and promote repentance…something our communities desperately need. I hope you enjoy my first album and I ask for your prayers and support in creating the next one.



In the fall of 2014 I went to the studio and tracked two songs, ‘By the Word You Spoke’ and ‘My Good Shepherd’. These will be on Second Adam’s upcoming debut EP release. I’m going back to the studio on February 23rd to record at least another 2 songs (hopefully 4 more songs pending the success of my current efforts to fundraise) that will go with the previously tracked songs to make the debut EP a whole.
I’m still the only member of the band but my vision is to seek out like minded brothers to play the songs on the EP with utter precision to God’s glory. I’ve begun to see response to the music I’m creating and it appears that another guitar player is on board. It isn’t official yet so I’ll keep it disclosed for now, but the point is that the hunt is on and I’m trusting my prayers to be answered. Just remember you potential members out there; Theology Matters (James White citation, lol.)
One goal I have is for Second Adam to play an EP release show. This is a new idea and plans are in the works. Ideally I would like to have a full band for this show but an acoustic performance is not out of the question. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned! Also check out Second Adam’s kickstarter campaign as I’m seeking funds to keep me in the studio which would enable me to put more songs on the EP.
Blessings in Christ


After the completion of the Recharge events at Reach Out Church the band had established 3 solid original songs and over 6 covers for a very compelling musical set. I had only requested band members to commit to the 10 services and that they did. Once it became apparent to me that I had received direction for my music in ministry going forward, I requested further commitments from the band members I had on board but was unsuccessful. Tim Smajda, Jordan Scotti, Ben Bovee and Rachel Bovee all did what they committed to and I am very grateful for all their hard work and enjoyed every minute of our time together.

Currently Second Adam it is not operational as a band but I’m working towards building a website, recording a professional album and eventually I plan to seek out members to play the songs at events where we can minister. It’s exciting that God continues to give me new songs, my hope is to put them to use via this ministry. My desire is that God will bring me gospel minded musicians that desire to use their gifts for advancing sound doctrine and weighty theological themes packaged in an indie rock platform.

The future of Second Adam is in His hands. Pray for me and this ministry. You can also support this ministry if you’re so inclined to do so. Amen.


Second Adam and the New Creations is the organic offspring of a very specific church ministry. I’d like to thank Jon Forster who asked me to assembly and lead a band for a college age outreach service he was putting together that would last for 10 consecutive weeks where we’d perform on Saturday Nights. When Jon asked me in mid-December of 2013 if I’d form a band for these events what He didn’t know was that I was already on the hunt for good quality and sound Christian music in the genre of my liking. I remember discovering and falling in love with new artists via Spotify and worshiping the Lord to new music. Not being able to contain it, the joy of the Lord was overflowing in my life and I had a growing desire to write new music to the Lord and surrender my gift to Him. So the timing couldn’t have been better, once my wife was on board my answer to Jon was an emphatic yes! It turns out that many of those bands’ songs that I was finding on Spotify became the very foundation by which Second Adam and the New Creations learned to play along together. We covered bands like Ascend the Hill, Citizens, Modern Post and Kenosis before starting to learn originals.
Up until this point I had always been somewhat of a worship backup “leader” in our church, filling in on Sundays when needed. In years past I also “led” a worship team for several years in our church youth group. I would always draw from what was in the church song book, sometimes introducing whatever new song that came along through the radio or youth conferences that I liked. As I mature in the Lord and grow in wisdom I’ve learned that the language in everything is most critical. “Leadership” is worldly language and leaders are not sought in scripture, disciples are. It is better for me to say that by my faith in Christ and service to Him does He lead this band. I will teach others to do the same, to serve the Lord and be led by Him for in this way He remains on the throne of our hearts, protecting us from making an idol of this band. It belongs to Him.
Rachel Bovee is our lead singer and her voice is well suited for the position. She serves the Lord alongside all of us in the band in every practice and in every performance. I currently manage the band, play rhythm guitar and supporting vocals. I also write the original songs or bring the concept of the songs to the practice and the band works collectively to mold them together from there. Tim Smajda plays the Keys and Lead Guitar. He is an asset to the song creation process and has an exceptional ear for what works and what doesn’t across all instruments. Jordan Scotti is our bass player and my fellow metal head, his fingers prove to be too fast and I laugh as he’s challenged to slow down to play some of our more mellow songs. Ben Bovee (also a fellow metal head), Rachel’s brother is our drummer and I value his skill and the enthusiasm he brings to each practice and performance. 

Looking forward for Second Adam and the New Creations is exciting! I’ve written this bio prior to our 1st Saturday Night Performance (mainly because I can’t sleep) My hope is that after the 10 week conferences Second Adam has at least 4 solid originals down to take with them to other opportunities as they arise. By the end of 2014 I’d like to professionally record our 1st Album.



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