Garage Band – Phone Recording Sessions

A place to share my newest songs as I write & develop them. My hope is to update the tracks as they evolve and eventually chose some to make it on future albums.

Sovereign Grace – last updated 7/24/16


Grace, not always given
But when it is – it’s given freely
By God, who’s not required to
But is rich in
Mercy & Kindness
To all His elect
Make your calling
And election sure
Read His word
Pray, turn from sin
& rejoice in His
Mercy & Kindness
To all His elect

You Light It – Last Updated 1/25/16


The devastation sometimes
Comes my way
I don’t know what much to say, no
Sometimes it doesn’t seem okay
Give me a tune to sing to You now
Lifting my heart to know that
You have me for all my days
Lifting my voice to praise You
In the darkness
Though I do not understand it
You light it