Where Theology & Music Mash

Who is Second Adam & The New Creations?

I very much enjoy writing songs that have theological weight to them and as an independent artist, Second Adam & the New Creations is the platform that I’ve chosen to introduce my music and my writing to the world.  I write primarily to bring glory to God and my hope is that people might just simply enjoy Him through this work. Some would classify the sound of my music as rock, others as indie-pop…alternative might describe it well too, I leave that for you to decide.

Second Adam and the New Creation’s debut EP entitled “Able to Enable” was released in March of 2015 (listen below). You can get a free download by following the noisetrade link below; it’s aslo available for purchase in most popular online stores.

Work has officially begun on a second EP! Thanks for stopping in, feel free to give a follow on social media and keep in touch!

Noisetrade – Itunes – Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter – Soundcloud – CD Baby

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