Governing sinners; me being the chiefest among them

Sharing a post from my last threaded discussion in my American Government class;

One of the most interesting topics of study for me in this course was on the topic of the separation of powers. As we studied the text it became apparent that many of the framers where aware of man’s proneness or bent to corruption (doctrine of total depravity). Not all but many where indeed Christian thinkers and back then there certainly was little doubt as to the reality of higher law and it’s supremacy over man.

It can become a frightening experience to truly stare deep into the meaning of God’s Holiness and perfect purity for all eternity. Man must admit that he falls far short of such perfection, the framers understood that. Apart from the God-man Christ, no man has or ever will fulfill all the law and that is why a Savior is needed; to do in our place what we could never do ourselves; perfectly love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and strength forever and ever. Thank God for His Son who brings us to repentant faith in Him and who becomes our righteousness!

That being said, if man is naturally bent on lawlessness than there will always arise a brute or leader among men who will seek to place those who aren’t leaders in captive or under his oppression. The separation of powers is a concept I believe formed in the framers mind as a gift of God’s common grace to help restrain wicked men from gaining such power. Even in a culture that lacks much virtue our government can still function; albeit not as fined tuned as could be, but still functional nonetheless. The framers were not legislating morality; they were disarming the powers of evil through wisdom given them by God to resist giving it an opportunity to rule.

I’m convinced that such a system of government as our federal republic is close to as good as it gets with as many unregenerate people as there are in this nation. If however our nation was to have a great awakening to the truth of who it’s true Lord is; perhaps it would consider putting even more restraints in place to further prevent the workings of evil from rising up.

God’s moral law is good and holy throughout all generations. The people who delight in obeying that law are the ones who first realized that they could never keep it; but that their Lord did it for them and changed their wicked hearts to love all His statutes and commands. The citizen’s of God our truly salt and light to this world; we still have some observable saltiness in the democratic system our framers initiated. We need more of God’s citizens to preach the true gospel and thereby introduce more God-fearing thinkers to bring peace, light, love and all the other wonderful fruits of the Spirit into every single institution of man. Against love, there is no law.


I’m an adopted son of the Maker of all things via the finished work of Christ, a husband to my beautiful wife Rachel, and a father to my two awesome children Abram & Caleb. I’m also in the process of building this project called Second Adam and the New Creations which has a dual function, to bring theological songs as well a sound doctrinal literature. I seek to glorify God in expounding His Word in all truth and Holy wisdom by writing songs of weighty, theological themes in both simple and complex moods. I have a growing desire to write and teach and this blog serves as a good place to do just that. All truth meets at the top in Christ, what a joy it is to grow and learn in the Lord!

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