Christians and Halloween

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Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

Next month, churches around the world will attempt to answer a familiar annual question “Should a Christian celebrate Halloween? And the answers are quite varied; not to mention often quite wrong.
There have been numerous attempts by the church to divert the culture from this clearly Pagan tradition, but the problem is that often these attempts will mix a drop of bad with a lot of good intentions…. resulting in something that is dysfunctional at best.

Some churches celebrate Halloween simply by dressing up in “non-evil” costumes (super-heroes, or Bible caricatures, etc.) and see it as harmless fun. Many churches have “harvest festivals” in a godly environment. There are many Christians who hand out tracts that share the Gospel along with the Halloween candy. Others are just as convinced that Halloween is a satanic holiday, established to promote darkness.

So, is it possible for Churches/Christians…

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